Posted by AdviserDirect on 06/11/2019

Deloitte Announces Enhancements to Digital Bank Asset

Deloitte Announces Enhancements to Digital Bank Asset

At Salesforce World Tour London, Deloitte announced enhancements to its Digital Bank asset — produced by the Deloitte Digital Assets and Solutions Group (ASG) — to augment the customer experience for banks and banking customers. New product developments include integrating Salesforce Einstein Analytics technology to unlock insights and increase conversion of new customer upsell opportunities, as well as a new Private Banking segment designed to enhance productivity and enable banks to engage more holistically with customers.

Built on the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud platform, Digital Bank is a pre-configured digital banking accelerator that enables retail and commercial banks to deliver customer banking solutions that are tailored to their individual needs, behaviours and patterns. The offering comes integrated with a wide range of cloud vendors and fintechs, providing banks with an ecosystem of pre-integrated partner technologies.

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