Posted by AdviserDirect on 09/02/2019

HSBC to lend extra £35bn to UK home buyers

HSBC to lend extra £35bn to UK home buyers

 David Crow in Birmingham YESTERDAY Print this page8HSBC UK is pressing ahead with its rapid push into British mortgages with plans to lend an extra £35bn to homeowners as the bank’s chief executive dismissed claims that its expansion was distorting the market.Ian Stuart, 

HSBC UK’s chief executive, said the bank intended to continue expanding its mortgage book so that its overall share of the market increases from roughly 7 per cent to 10 per cent.“I think our natural share’s about 11 per cent, but I don’t look out too far. We’re about £100bn today, so getting up to £135bn . . . seems sensible to me,” he told the Financial Times.

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