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How to get Started in HR

How to get Started in HR

If you are interested in a career in human resources and recruiting, then no doubt you want to learn as much about the career as possible before you make the final decision on your career. For those that enjoy working with people, often this field is an excellent one to consider, but there is more than that to think about when making this important career decision.

You'll also want to know what kind of an education you'll need, the nature of the work and the jobs available, the amount of money you can make, and perhaps even some quality companies that hire those that are educated and ready to work in this field. Once you have all of this important information, then you'll be better able to make the final career decision.

The Education You'll Need

First of all, more than likely you will need to know what type of education is required of you if you want to get involved in the human resources and recruiting field. When it comes to education in this field, it is quite diverse and may vary from person to person, depending on the specific job that they are pursuing. Some may have to have a bachelor's degree while others may even go on to get an even higher education in the field. 

Some of the degree options that are great for people who want to get involved in this field include business administration, education, human services, communication, management, or in some cases a liberal arts education that has been well rounded may be great as well. Depending on the specific job you want, you may need more specialised education as well; in fact, there are some jobs that may require you to have a master's degree in labour relations, human resources, or even in business administration.

Job Outlook and Available Jobs

There are a variety of different jobs that are available in the human resources and recruiting field and the responsibilities that you may have when working in this field can vary greatly depending on the job. In some cases, if you are working for a large corporation you may find yourself dealing with programs and policies related to human resources. Those who become directors of human resources usually supervise over other different departments that are headed up by a good manager. 

You can choose to specialise in benefits, compensation, employment, training, and employee relations. There are also special human resource managers that may deal with hiring employees and with recruiting as well. You can also find jobs available dealing with benefits, compensation, and dealing with payroll as well; however, if you are working for a smaller company, you may have to deal with all of these aspects of human resources yourself.

Salary Information

If you decide to get involved in a career in the human resources and recruiting field, then you can definitely count on a salary that is fairly good. Even those who are just starting out in the field can usually start out earning close to $30,000 a year, depending on the specific job that they hold. Many people working in this field make close to $50,000 and above, and there are some that make even more, especially if they are involved in human resource management positions. Some people may even make as much as $80,000 a year or more when they get into the more complicated jobs.

Quality Companies to Consider

Once you are educated and ready to work in the human resources field, no doubt you are going to want to find a quality job with a company that provides you with a good salary and benefits. There are many great companies out there that provide great jobs in this field, both in the United States and Canada as well. A few great companies to consider in the United States include Advanced Healthcare in South Carolina, The Ritz-Carlton, which has positions in various states, Kimpton Hotels Home Office in San Francisco, and Hyatt Hotels in various states as well.

Blog Post Courtesy of Marcus Lim, Business Adviser.

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