Our Story

AdviserDirect is a proud spin-out company from Financial Network Limitedin established in 2017 by Suhail Ahmad, a fintech entrepreneur with the vision to empower start-ups and small-medium enterprise (SME) with fast, easy and affordable access to quality business advice. In an increasingly competitive and changing marketplace, entrepreneurs and business advisers need access to range of qualified advisers without the cumbersome process of interviews, meetings and comparisons that take weeks to complete.

Considering there are 5.7 million SME in the U.K. spending £60 billion annually on  professional advice and consultancy, its shocking almost half or 40% surveyed are not satisfied with with either the quality of service or the fees and retainers they pay. Price transparency and inconsistent quality of work is not acceptable.

There is clear lack of value and need for better pricing and accountability in professional advisory providers. AdviserDirect aims to not only reduce costs but also improve both the quality and speed of service so start-ups and SME can get outstanding value for money.

To learn more about our company or join our growing team, contact our Founder and CEO Suhail Ahmad

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